Southampton to Oxford by Bus 30 GBP (120 mins)

Harbour Parade to Gloucester Green by Bus

National Express bus

There are 4 direct buses a day between Southampton and Oxford, otherwise you will need to connect at either Heathrow airport or London. Direct buses take approximately 2 hours, while indirect buses can take 4 hours or more. The National Express Bus Station is on Harbour Parade in Southampton, or you can catch the bus at Southampton University. The first bus leaves at 0130 and the last one departs at 2025.

You can get a single ticket for around 15 GBP return. For more detailed information, including maps and national and local buses in Oxford see our guide to Oxford Bus Station.

To check times and prices of buses from Southampton to Oxford click the button below. Be warned they can be very crowded and there is no guarantee of a place unless you book in advance:

Southampton to Oxford by Train 26 GBP (60 mins)

Oxford Railway station

The train is the fastest way from Southampton to Oxford, taking 1 hour 20 minutes to make the trip. If you are arriving at Southampton aiport it is also very convenient as there is also a station at the airport. Prices vary depending on time of day but are approximately 26 GBP return but can be had for less if you book in advance online.

Oxford Train station is a 10 minute walk from the city centre and provides a good service to all national destinations. For more detailed information, including maps, national and local trains in Oxfordshire see our guide to Oxford Train Station.

It is advisable to book train tickets in advance online as they are cheaper. Strange as it may seem you may also find it cheaper to book two single tickets rather than a return. To check prices and times for trains between Oxford and Southampton click on the button below.

Southampton to Oxford by Car 66 miles (2 hours)

Car parking

If you are travelling to Oxford by car, you have several options on what to do with your car when you get there. If you are only visiting for the day then it is best to use the Oxford Park and Ride facilities (free parking) located North, South, East and West of the city centre. For more detailed information including maps see our guide to the Oxford Park and Ride. If you are just visiting for a few hours then you might want to use one of the car parks located within the City Centre. For more detailed information including maps see our guide to parking in Oxford. If you need to book a rental car when you get to Oxford there are several places to pick up a car. See our guide to renting a car in Oxford .

Use the button below to check availability and rental prices.

Oxford Hotel Accommodation

If you decide you would like to spend a little longer in Oxford to soak up the atmosphere and visit a few more attractions why not check out some of the Oxford Hotel Deals and see if anything takes your fancy?

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  Oxford Events

The Blenheim Palace Festival of Transport
(Tue 28th Aug, 2018)

This year all the vehicle shows will be held across the August Bank Holiday weekend creating the ultimate 'Festival of Transport'

St Giles Fair at St Giles
(Sun 02nd Sep, 2018)

The fair comes to St Giles for two days, lots of stalls and fair ground rides.

Oxford Open Doors
(Mon 10th Sep, 2018)

Oxford opens its doors for free! Over 150 venues and events for visitors including colleges and museums.