Chinese Restaurants in Oxford

Oxford has no shortage of Chinese restaurants and takeaways but many have now re-branded as noodle bars to become more trendy. Below is a list of some of the most popular Oxford Chinese restaurants and take-aways.

Photo of the Cafe Opium

Cafe Opium Cafe Opium does a good value ala carte menu and an inexpensive Cafe Opium Express selection.

Contact Details
Cafe Opium
67-69 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2BQ
Tel: 01865 248680

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Photo of the Cafe SoJo

Cafe SoJo Cafe Sojo serves up basic chinese cuisine.

Contact Details
Cafe SoJo
96 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1JE
Tel: 01865 724708

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Photo of the Noodlebar

Noodlebar The Noodle Bar is a great place to eat for a group of friends or just for a quick and inexpensive meal in the centre of town.

Contact Details
100-101 Gloucester Green, Oxford, OX1 2DF
Tel: 01865 201400

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Photo of the Paddyfield

Paddyfield Paddyfield restaurant serves authentic Chinese dishes in colourful surroundings - a testament to this is that the restaurant is now famous for being the Chinese restaurant visited by the Chinese!

Contact Details
39 Hythe Bridge St, Oxford, OLX1 2EP
Tel: 01865 248835

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Photo of the The Pink Giraffe

The Pink Giraffe Originally when The Pink Giraffe first opened in 1998, they were solely a Vegetarian Restaurant and associated the Giraffe with the restaurant name, as the animal is a vegetarian and pink was also added into the restaurant name because it is the owners favourite colour.

Contact Details
The Pink Giraffe
43B St Clements Street, Oxford, OX4 1AG
Tel: 01865 202787 Fax: 01865 247121 Email:

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Photo of the Red Star

Red Star Oxfords Cowley Road is reaching saturation point when it comes to restaurants offering a taste of the Orient on the cheap. The street has more than its fair share of bargain Asian eats. The Red Star noodle bar, which opened in 2003, is a one of the favourites for locals.

Contact Details
Red Star
187 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT
Tel: 01865 251248

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Photo of the Shanghai 30's

Shanghai 30's The name Shanghai means ?on the sea? and the city lies on the east coast of China, just south of the Yangtze river. In the 30s, Shanghai was called the ? Paris of the Orient?. It was a place of shows, restaurants, clubs and gambling to keep you from getting lonely. People from all over the world were throwing themselves into the Shanghai parties. It was these new immigrants who fuelled the fantastically opulent and innovative dinning culture in the town ? a huge and varied range of different cuisines were being introduced to the city, while native food was being subsequently transformed into a taste and a style of west meets east in order to compete. Shanghai, was one of the melting pots of the gourmet world during the 30s.

Contact Details
Shanghai 30's
82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA
Tel: 01865 242230 Fax: 01865 790219 Email:

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Photo of the Wagamama

Wagamama This chain of restaurants provides fast and great food with minimal service requirement. For a rapid and awsome lunch, Wagamamas is a must.

Contact Details
8 Market Street, Oxford, OX1 3EF
Tel: 01865 249183

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