Oxford to Bicester Village - 30 minutes (from 6.35 GBP)

Bicester Village is home to over 130 desinger shopping outlets including big brands such as Gucci, Boss, Versace, Prada to name but a few, with many offering discounts of up to 60% on high street prices. For this reason it has become a big tourist attraction in Oxfordshire and many people make the trip from London just to visit the outlet. Some tourists are confused by the spelling and frequently search for Bista Village or Bister Village rather than the correct spelling of Bicester Village derived from the nearest town, Bicester.

Oxford to Bicester Village by Bus

Bicester Village by bus

The X5 bus service between Oxford and Bicester Village is very regular and departs approximately every 30 minutes from bay 11 at Oxford's main bus station (Gloucester Green). The first bus runs at 7.10 Monday to Saturday and at 8.10 on Sundays. The last bus leaves at 22.40. The final destination of the X5 bus is Cambridge so make sure you get off at the first stop in Bicester, called "King's End bus stop", approximately 30 minutes from Oxford (ask the driver if you need help) and a short walk to Bicester Village shopping centre. You can book a return fare for just 6.35 GBP each way for an adult or 4.35 GBP for a child. To see a timetable for buses between Gloucester Green bus station and Bicester village click the following link (note you may need to scroll down th pdf): Bicester Village bus timetable.

Oxford to Bicester Village by train - 25 minutes (from 4.70 GBP)

Oxford Station to Bicester Town train station

Train from Oxford to Bicester Town

Trains to the nearest railway station to Bicester Village (Bicester Town Station) are not that frequent, running once every hours. Tickets cost 2.30 GBP single or 4.70 GBP return for adults. From Bicester town station you either need to take a taxi the 5 minute drive to Bicester Village, take the S5 bus service from the end of the road leading to the station or walk (approximately 25 minutes). You can book tickets to Bicester Town and other location by using the button below:

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