Newcastle To Cambridge By Bus

Newcastle to Cambridge National Express bus

You have a number of options for travelling to Cambridge from Newcastle ? bus, train and aeroplane. The bus is the least favourable option as it takes at more than 8 hours. The train is the most eco-friendly choice can be expensive, especially if you don?t book ahead. Flying could be the cheapest option if you manage to book far enough in advance to get one of the best fares, but remember to add on another 11-14 to your calculations for transport to and from the city centres. By the time you take travel to and from the airport into account, flying takes about the same time as the train. There are seven buses per day from St James Boulevard bus station. There is one direct service, but it is quicker to change in Milton Keynes or Nottingham. The journey takes between 8-11 hours. The first bus leaves at 0710 and the last one at 1330, although there is an overnight service that departs at 23:45. Avoid the 1000 service if you don't want a lengthy (2 hours) wait for your connecting bus in Nottingham. A single journey costs 34.70 GBP single or a return is 49-57 GBP.

After booking online, you will be issued with an e-ticket, which you need to print out and take with you, or an m-ticket, which is sent to your mobile phone. Otherwise you can get at ticket at the bus station. Buses from Newcastle to Cambridge can be very crowded at times and there is no guarantee of a place unless you book in advance.

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Newcastle to Cambridge by Train

Newcastle Train

It takes 3-4 hours to get to Cambridge by train. There is roughly one train per hour, with more at peak times. You need to change trains once (in Peterborough) or twice (Peterborough and Ely). A single ticket costs around 28 or a return off peak costs 93.30 GBP.

The UK train ticketing system is notoriously complicated. It is usually cheaper to buy your tickets up to 6pm on the day before you travel than on the day. And fares are more expensive if you travel before 09:30.

On arrival in Cambridge, it is a 15-minute walk to the town centre, or you can catch a taxi outside the station for around 5 GBP. There is also a bus that runs about every 10 minutes.

To walk, exit the station and continue along Station Road, which is directly in front of you. At the T-junction, turn right onto Hills Road, which takes you towards the city centre.

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