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M Shed is a new kind of museum, one that challenges traditional ideas. It works with the people of Bristol to create displays which everyone will want to come and see. It's like a living museum, where the stories of the past spark discussions about the future. For years, the Industrial Museum was the big attraction on Bristolís harbourside, attracting over 150,000 visitors per year between 1974 and 2006. M Shed is the attraction today, a new kind of Ďlivingí museum, one to create lively debate and spark imaginations, dedicated to all aspects of Bristolís lengthy and fascinating history Ė the only museum to attempt that in the city. There are favourites from the Industrial Museum, but the M Shed goes much further than that and covers 2,000 years of Bristolís history including the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and the role that Bristol played in the World Wars. The museum works with local experts and communities to ensure stories and exhibits remain current and relevant, and there are working exhibits outside that indicate Bristolís industrial heritage, such as trains and cranes. It is a really innovative and exciting museum, that should be considered a vital introduction into Bristolís history for visitors and residents alike. Its central location and free admission should make it a great place for you to start your trip and provide plenty of inspiration for the remainder of your stay.

Contact Details
Princes Wharf
Wapping Road
0117 352 6600

Prices range from Free

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